A network of women fearlessly advancing each other and equality

Well-established in their respective professions, the members of the Fearless Women Network seek pay parity; equal opportunity to advance to the highest and most influential positions; and transformation of outdated modes of thought regarding gender, ethnicity, and leadership.
The Fearless Women Network is a non-profit association whose President is Sheryl L. Axelrod, Esquire.  Its mission is to:
(i) support and promote very high-performing and accomplished women and minorities in law, business, government, and academia;
(ii) assist its members to achieve their career objectives and advance to the highest and most influential positions in law, business, government, and academia;
(iii) engage in the intrepid pursuit of parity in pay and of equal opportunity for women and minorities in the workplace;
(iv) provide a forum for members to share and discuss articles, research, news items, and other materials concerning how women and minorities are perceived, hired, promoted, and compensated in the workplace; and
(v) facilitate the service of its members as thought leaders and change-agents in the diversity, inclusion, and equality space.
For federal income tax purposes, contributions to the Fearless Women Network are not deductible as charitable contributions.